I can help your dog be the best dog they can be.



Dog Training

What may be normal for a dog in his world is not always appropriate in ours. Using positive reinforcement, I help your dog behave well and be happy in the world of both humans and dogs.


My gentle methods help your dog adapt to urban living in a city full of dogs, and will make your pet welcome wherever you go.

Day Training

I love to do day training; working with your pet one-on-one is a satisfying method that brings quick and lasting results. My specialized sessions speed up your pet’s learning process, and since I do the majority of the training, all you need to do is reinforce the lessons when the leash passes from my hands to yours.


In my coaching sessions, I work with you and your pet together, and teach you how to train your dog. This method is great for owners who like to be very hands-on and have the time and patience to train their pet.

Training/Coaching Pricing:

Initial Consultation - $125 (1.5 hours)

$95 per hour for day training, coaching and transfer sessions

Holiday Rates – Add $10 per day, walk or visit.

Additional charges may apply for key pick-up and drop off

Dog Walks – Per Walk

Individual – $35 for 30 minutes

Individual – $50 for 1 hour


joan@joan4pets.com | office: (415) 441-5785